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Building a Minimum-Size Layout in ‘N’ Gauge - Part 3

Real railway track is laid in small stones called ballast. Train set track of around 1960 traditionally gave an impression of ballast by including it as part of each track piece like the Hornby Dublo three-rail or Tri-ang Railways ‘Standard’ track.

However, the then recently introduced Hornby Dublo two-rail and Tri-ang ‘Series 3’ track just had moulded sleepers and separate foam rubber underlay was often used to give the appearance of ballast. This also gave quieter running although the foam rubber tended to disintegrate after a few years.

I have decided to use stone effect spray paint to give an impression of ballast.

Here is the track being laid using the baseboard markings as a guide. I’m fixing it down using Peco track pins. Glue can also be used and, if this option is chosen, one like ‘Copydex’ is useful as the track can later be removed carefully if required. Glues which set firm mean that the track is permanently fixed in place.

By next time, I hope I’ll have the oval of track complete and my thoughts will then turn to the necessary electrical wiring.

I look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes.


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