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Building a Minimum-Size Layout in ‘N’ Gauge - Part 2

Having a 2’ 6” x 2’ solid baseboard to play with, I’ve been thinking about what kind of layout I should like. The first requirement is easy – I want a continuous run oval so that I can enjoy watching the little trains running round. Just like a train set! Which has given me an idea – I’ll try to make the layout look like a fancy train set, with lots of details and accessories.

The ‘Golden Age’ of the train set was probably around 1960 and I have had great fun looking at Hornby Dublo and Tri-ang Railways catalogues of that era. A simple oval, with no points, was the typical track formation included in train sets in those days so I’ve decided that’s what I will have. The train sets of that time were in ‘00’ gauge and I’m going to build this in ‘N’ gauge, so the layout will be effectively a half-size model of a train set from 1960 or so.

The second requirement is for some type of optional additional action which can be added to the basic layout if desired. I’ll need to think about this one!

Using the Peco catalogue, I worked out what ‘Setrack’ pieces I would need to make an oval and obtained these from the ever-helpful Harburn Hobbies in Edinburgh. Here they are loosely laid on top of the baseboard so that I can check it all fits! I have marked out centre lines on the baseboard to ensure the track will be laid accurately.

Next time, I’ll lay the track and describe how I hope to give an impression of ballast. I look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes.


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