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I started the Table-Top Railway project, described in this website, in July 2017. In late October of that year my wife decided it was time for us to get a cat. We had one called Bobbie when we were first married and she (both of us really!) thought it was high time we had another. In the week after Remembrance Sunday we went to our local cat rescue centre. Bobbie was a beautiful tiger-striped tabby cat and we thought it might be nice to choose something similar. But, of course, humans don't choose a cat. The cat chooses us! And so it was that day - a gorgeous little six-year-old grey cat with a white bib and paws chose us.

We took her home and called her Poppy. She is a truly delightful companion with an especially keen interest in model railways. Once the Table-Top Railway project really got into its swing with the Mark IV layout, it became clear to me that the layout ought to be named after her and so Poppingham came into being.

Here are some pictures of Poppy doing what she enjoys doing.

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