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Building a Minimum-Size Layout in ‘N’ Gauge - Part 1

I have set myself a challenge to build a minimum-size layout in ‘N’ gauge that will be both visually and operationally interesting. I had already attempted something similar with the Table-Top Railway Mark II and felt I could do better.

I removed the Kato ‘Unitrack’ and foam underlay from the Mark II layout, leaving the 2’ 6” x 2’ plywood baseboard upon which I intend to build the new railway.

Having learnt a great deal from the Table-Top Railways Mark IV to Mark VI, I have decided to use Peco ‘Setrack’ for the new railway and to lay it on top of a ‘layer cake’ baseboard. I made this by gluing ‘Sundeala’ on to the plywood, with 1/8” cork sheet then glued on top. Cork sheet is available from Charles Cantrill Ltd which trades as Quality Cork Supplies.

Of course, Poppy has to check that everything has been done properly! She’s right – a sound baseboard is an essential for a well-tempered model railway.

I’m now ready to think about the layout I will build on top of the baseboard.

I look forward to seeing you next time.

Best wishes.

John (and Poppy!)

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