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News from Poppingham

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Poppingham features in the N Gauge Society's magazine, N Gauge Journal, issue 1/23 January - February 2023.  There is some text and lots of photographs.


I recommend membership of the N Gauge Society to anyone modelling, or thinking about modelling, in N gauge.

 Hayle Model Railway Exhibition in May 2022.


Spring Exhibition  2022 - A great success story

Hayle Railway Modellers are pleased to be able to report that their Spring Exhibition held at the Hayle Day Care Centre over the weekend of 14th/15th May 2022 was a great success.

NGF Show
Hayle Show


Click                           to view our entry for the N Gauge Forum Virtual Exhibition - July 2021

Click                           to view our entry for Hayle MRC Christmas Show - December 2020

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